Asked Questions

How Does It Really Work ??

The CyberAcademyKenya program mainly focuses on electronic learning inclusive of a management system, involving interactive and autonomous school systems

Who Is Our Target Client ?

Our major clients that we target to partner with in this amazing journey of integrating technology in our schools are majorly Primary and High schools.

How Does My School Get A Plan ?

To get a package plan, just go to the navigation bar, click the 'packages' link, and choose from the available plans.

Can I Change My Plan If Needed ?

Of course, all you need to do is visit the (contact) link and inform us, or contact us via our phone directly on the footer of the website (Call us).

Are There Any Added Costs ?

As we keep making these changes and updates, the quality of your program keeps improving, with zero costs added.

Who Owns A Portal ?

There three main portals in the program that allow for a high-end and high level of interactivity, to run the school even while-st away from the school.

Any Questions ?

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