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We believe that Kenya has the ability to lead Africa and beyond in integrating technology in the learning process, that is where we gladly come in.

Our primary goal is to accelerate the advent of electronic learning by distributing autonomous and responsive systems.

The developers are really enthusiastic about the project, and working like crazy to ensure the adventure becomes a reality.

Current Goals

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- The future is exciting we the best

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Primary goal

The fundamental reason CyberAcademyKenya was started was to accelerate the advent of e-learning in our schools and provide a tech foundation.

Smart systems

Our developers have put a lot of unending effort to create autonomous systems that help in automation of a plethora of processes.


Increasing resourcefulness by providing learning and research materials, only one e-book is needed for a whole class.

Great UI

Great developers have ensured to develop beautiful and effective user interfaces for easy & user friendly navigation.


We also make sure to customize the systems based on the needs of a particular school, providing a foundation to introduce other technologies.


Peers paying all respects, this is our most capable system yet, the legend currently continues, and still will in the far future.

365 / 12 support

We do not care if it is on a Christmas Sunday morning, we are always available to make sure the systems run smoothly for you and your school.


Via Oracle's database algorithms, a great place to store and use school data is provided and make it useful to the school.

Software updates

This is our life time project and therefore make sure to continually improve on it, providing updates on a regular basis.

Data backup

We make sure to store the already created data for any revisions needed to be made in future.

The Kenyan Flag

It is our greatest interest to compliment our education system using technology, with a noble aim of making it the best.

Automation of a plethora of processes in the system, creating a self sustainig system.

Introduce hardware devices in the learning process, a fun and interesting learning process.

Make Kenya be a leader in Africa and beyond in terms of technology integration in schools.